Episode 8 - Covid19 Vaccine

Lockdowns, Vaccine rollouts… a lot has happened here in Sydney since our last episode 😱 Tune in as Fateh asks Naib Ameer Sahab Australia and GP, Dr Tanveer Arif all the hot questions regarding what’s in the Vaccines, will they change our DNA, how will they protect us, and are there long term side effects we need to worry about? 🤔 A must watch to ease your vaccine anxieties amidst the global pandemic. They work, and they will protect us.

From the team, stay safe… we’ll see you in studio soon 🙏

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:10 What is a vaccine?
  • 05:50 What does MRNA mean?
  • 07:46 Are vaccines safe?
  • 09:19 Do they affect our genes?
  • 10:36 How effective are they?
  • 15:38 What are the risks of COVID ?
  • 18:46 Why get vaccinated?
  • 19:59 Can you still spread COVID?
  • 23:00 Final words

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