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The Tarbiyyat department works to support Khuddam in training themselves to develop high spiritual calibre and strong moral fibre. By driving initiatives such as holding congregational prayers at local salaat centres, it inculcates an atmosphere of team brotherhood so Khuddam can support and motivate each other in spiritual self-development.

In obedience to Huzur’s [aba] wish that we should all embrace the institution of Wasiyyat, the tarbiyyat team has also undertaken a consistent awareness campaign. This includes encouraging Khuddam to read the Promised Messiah’s [as] book Al-Wasiyyat and to join the scheme.

In addition, this year the Tarbiyyat department has held national forums focussing on aspects of tarbiyyat such as the importance of marriage and elucidating the fi ner points of integrating into Western society without compromising one’s faith.

The Tarbiyyat team also provides new Ahmadis with education and training to promote ongoing spiritual and moral progression.

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