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Love and Respect for all

In February, a few anti-Islam groups are gathering in Sydney and Melbourne for an expensive dinner in the name of protecting freedom of speech. They will argue that Islam is on the rise and is extending its oppressive rule across the country. As a Muslim belonging to the Ahmadiyya Community, I disagree that Islam is an oppressive religion. On the contrary, Islam teaches Muslims to show love, respect and honour for mankind. In his final address to all Muslims, the Prophet Muhammad said that God has made the lives, property, and honour of every man sacred. This is the true message of Islam that I and my fellow Ahmadi Muslims will be displaying...

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Annual Convention – Jalsa Salana 2016

Dear Editor, The world is facing many uncertainties and people continue to live in fear of Islam. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community works hard to promote peace by organizing interfaith dialogues, peace symposiums and annual conventions throughout the year. One such example is the 32nd Annual Convention held over 3 days at Baitul Huda mosque in western Sydney. Since Wednesday, thousands of Ahmadi Muslims have gathered to listen to speeches on how to raise the standards of worship of God and how to treat fellow humankind with respect. This unique event attracted hundreds of non-Muslim guests, including the Mayor of...

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Pauline’s back at it again!

As a proud Australian and member of Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth, I would like to respond to Pauline’s hateful tweets. Why am I not surprised that Pauline Hanson’s new year resolution is to maintain her xenophobic and bigoted opinion towards Muslims? She in her latest tweets, again, called for the ban on “Islam” (I think she meant Muslims), Burqa (veil) and sharia law. Now, some of you may argue that it’s necessary we ban veil because it prevents integration and is a security risk. Others may say, it’s not founded in Islam so why to choose to wear it all...

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No place for hate

As a proud Australian and member of Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth from Blacktown, NSW, I’m relieved to find out that a Pakistani religious scholar has been shown the door to leave Australia. Australia is not a place to spread hate in the name of free speech. I understand that it is difficult to check all statements of religious scholars from past years but all Muslims must report any hate preachers to the authorities. It is all of our responsibility to keep Australia safe and protect all Australians. Aqeel Ibraheem, Blacktown Link:...

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Spreading truth of Islam

IT is not surprising to know that half of the Australian population would like to ban Muslim migration. We live in a world today that is very much influenced by media coverage. We base our opinions on what we are shown. The media is constantly putting Islam down, and instead of showing the good things of this faith, the media only shows the bad: the terror, the horror. It is unfortunate that radical Muslims and terrorists get more coverage in the media than those hundreds of millions of Muslim men and women who serve humanity as doctors, scientists, charity...

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