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Freedom of speech, not hate!

I am disappointed to hear remarks made at Q-Society’s fund raiser dinners in Sydney and Melbourne. Our world is passing through a very turbulent times. It is important for all of us to play our positive role and shun all those actions and statements which can cause unrest and hatred to spread in our peaceful society. We should work to unite people on common grounds rather divide them for our political causes. Freedom of speech is a noble value if exercised within the framework of decency, honesty and respect. When speech is driven by insults it reinforces stereotypes and...

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Happy Australia Day to All

As a proud Ahmadi Muslim from western Sydney, I was born in a majority Muslim country (Pakistan). Over time, the extremists and politicians passed special laws to target my community. Still, I’m not allowed to call myself a Muslim, I can’t greet anyone using ‘Asalam-o-Alikum’ (peace be upon you) and if I do, I can be imprisoned for three years. I can’t call my mosque a mosque or do anything that other Muslims do. Why? Because my community teaches me “Love for All, Hatred for None” and extremists don’t want us to ‘love all’ but they want the people...

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A true Muslim is a peace-maker, not a hate preacher or a murderer

My letter most likely won’t get published because I am speaking the truth but I won’t give up writing. I just want my small voice to be heard; even it is just you or somebody else reading this. As an Australian Muslim, I am truly sorry for what happened in London and I pray for the victims because my religion teaches me to sympathies with others in times of crisis. My religion also teaches me to uphold justice when dealing with an enemy. Senator Pauline Hanson may not agree with me but she cannot see what lies in my heart. I don’t blame her because she...

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Response to FaithFulNews article “Terrorism, Islam and the Gospel”

I was shocked to read the article, ‘Terrorism, Islam and the Gospel’ in FaithfulNews. The author (whose name has not been provided) should take their own advice and study Islam before coming to conclusion such as below, which is completely not true. “Lots of people seem to be ignoring the fact that every act of terrorism we’ve witnessed has been done under the banner of Islam.” The author quite conveniently forgets the fact that terrorists like Dylann Roof, Phillip Galea, Glendon Scott Crawford, Anders Breivik (so called Christians) and the list go on were not Muslims. I for one don’t see...

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My religion teaches me to love Australia

As a proud Australian and member of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, I didn’t enjoy the freedom of religion and speech in Pakistan. As per constitution of Pakistan, Ordinance XX, I can be imprisoned for 3 years if I pretend or behave as a Muslim. So my love for Australia starts with a sense of gratitude for the freedom of religion that I enjoy in this gorgeous country. While Holy Quran instructs me to obey law of land [4:60], Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said “Love of one’s country is a part of faith” and current Head of worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Mirza...

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