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Does the Quran justify violence?

Rod Shaw’s letter (15/11) employs a tactic commonly used by critics of Islam. He misquotes the Koran as saying “terrorise and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Koran”. This ignores the fact that Muslims were persecuted for 13 years in Mecca for claiming that God is one. They were driven out of their homes and not left alone, even in Medina. The permission given in the Koran to fight in self-defence was granted to defend Muslims from persecution, and to defend Christians, Jews and people of all faiths from acts of terror. But according to critics...

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Walk for Peace – October 2017

Dementia Australia represents 400,000 Australians living with Dementia and various related diseases to Alzheimer’s. Dementia is now the 2nd leading cause of death in Australia, and about 244 people each day join the dementia population nationwide. Due to the impact of this disease being very local and the cause being very dear to fellow Australia, Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya Australia decided to support this cause with the initiation of the 1st MKA Charity Walk. Walk for Peace was held at the Bait-ul-Huda Mosque in Marsden Park, NSW on Sunday 29th October 2017. The event started at 9am and concluded by 12...

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Is Islam a Feminist Religion?

Feminist religion? I WONDER why Islam cannot be called a feminist religion even though it gives equal rights and freedom to the women. Is there any other religion in the world which declares that the paradise lies at the feet of your mother? Moreover, good treatment of daughters would save parents from the burning fire of hell. Islam gave women right to own, keep and manage their own property, the right to ask and get a divorce in case of ill-treatment or abandonment from the husband, the right to remarry, the right to obtain an education. Islam mandated that...

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Muslims in Australia should be given the opportunity to respond

On Saturday The Weekend Australian published three articles attacking the teachings and philosophy of Islam. In particular, Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s article listing nine bullet points as to how sharia law is degrading and demeaning to women uses out of context quotes from the Koran and baseless assertions. Yes, The Weekend Australian does have the right to publish such articles; the views expressed should not be suppressed. However, Muslims in Australia should be given the opportunity to respond. We invite The Weekend Australian to come to our mosque so that we can respond to all of the allegations listed by Ayaan Hirsi Ali and others. We...

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