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Introduction to MKA

Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya (MKA), literally meaning ‘Association of Servants of the True Islam’ and also known as the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth (AMY), was founded in 1938 by Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad (RA) and is the youth section of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Australia is a unique, dynamic and vibrant organization serving not only the needs of its members but also Australian society as a whole. In Australia, the organization was started in 1983 and now has 24 local branches in all major cities of Australia, with a membership of over 1,000. Members are aged between...

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Annual Ijtema (Convention)

Annual Ijtema (convention) is an Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth flagship event of the year where thousands congregate for a three-day convention. Members participate in religious education and sporting competitions which add an extra element of healthy rivalry between members. The Ijtema sees the culmination of a whole year’s work for the various regional and local branches of Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth with awards given to the most outstanding achievers. More importantly this event enables members to strengthen and foster new relationships in the spirit of brotherhood.   Read...

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Health and Fitness

Sports events such as Soccer, Cricket, Badminton, and Volleyball are held on a national, regional and local basis. National sports rally is also held annually where the location is rotated with different regions given the responsibility of organizing. Regions compete against each other for the crown in that particular sport. Apart from the physical competitiveness of these events, and regional or local rivalries, members get the opportunity to meet, network and, most importantly, develop bonds of brotherhood with other members from all around the Australia.     Read...

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Islam Awareness

Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Australia is actively engaged in presenting the peaceful message of Islam and removing common misconceptions and misunderstandings about the faith. It firmly believes that tolerance, engagement, interaction and debate are vital to understanding the true teachings of Islam. It is involved in many programs ranging from providing Islamic introductory courses to schools, colleges, and non-Muslim organizations. Invitations are also extended to Mosque open days, public lectures and question and answer sessions.   Read...

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Service to Humanity

Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Australia has been leaders in some of Australian largest charities including Clean Up Australia Day, National Tree Day, Red Cross Blood Donation etc. This work ranges from assisting the charities with manpower and fundraising money. In recognition of its work, Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth has from time to time received various awards. Regular homeless feeding sessions are also carried out throughout...

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