Author: Khizar Rana

Muslims in Australia should be given the opportunity to respond

On Saturday The Weekend Australian published three articles attacking the teachings and philosophy of Islam. In particular, Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s article listing nine bullet points as to how sharia law is degrading and demeaning to women uses out of context quotes from the Koran and baseless assertions. Yes, The Weekend Australian does have the right to publish such articles; the views expressed should not be suppressed. However, Muslims in Australia should be given the opportunity to respond. We invite The Weekend Australian to come to our mosque so that we can respond to all of the allegations listed by Ayaan Hirsi Ali and others. We...

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“Obey those who are in authority among you”

Lambie is ill-informed Jacqui Lambie’s rhetoric over the threat to Australia from Sharia law is baseless and misleading (“Jacqui Lambie gives two bob watches a bad name“, February 14). The Koran clearly instructs Muslims to “obey those who are in authority among you”. Lambie is ill-informed and is using Islam as a scapegoat to further her own political agenda. Khizar Rana Walkerville Direct...

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Hanson on wrong side of history, again

As an Australian Muslim, I was appalled by Pauline Hanson’s maiden speech in Parliament. She is creating dangerous divisions in society along religious and cultural lines. She is ill-informed about Islam as she warned Australians that we “would be living under Sharia law” if Australia did not act to ban Muslim immigration. However, she fails to understand that Islam itself teaches Muslims to obey the authority. Khizar Rana Walkerville SA Link:...

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Koran taken out of context by an opportunistic few

In last night’s Q&A (“Would Pauline Hanson ban a young, Muslim Sam Dastyari from Australia?”,, July 19), Pauline Hanson repeatedly insisted that it is fundamentally the Koran that preaches the hate and killing of the infidels. As a proud Australian and an Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth, my question to Ms Hanson is: “if the Koran preaches killing the infidels, why aren’t the rest of the 1.6 billion Muslims following the teachings of the Koran?” The answer simply is that selected verses of the Koran have been taken out of context by an opportunistic few to radicalise easily manipulated, lost...

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