Author: Aqeel Ibraheem

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community cleans up the records

We keep hearing in media that Muslim communities and Muslim leaders are not doing enough. On Sunday, March 5, we saw a record-breaking performance by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. They topped the nation in ‘Clean Up Australia Day’ by taking out the top four positions in both most volunteers and most funds raised. Unfortunately, not a single TV channel in NSW mentioned or showed their clip. When thousands of Muslims get together in good cause, it’s irrelevant to media, but when a single Muslim does a bad act, the whole Muslim community is blamed. I believe law abiding, peaceful Australian Muslims deserve...

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Happy Australia Day to All

As a proud Ahmadi Muslim from western Sydney, I was born in a majority Muslim country (Pakistan). Over time, the extremists and politicians passed special laws to target my community. Still, I’m not allowed to call myself a Muslim, I can’t greet anyone using ‘Asalam-o-Alikum’ (peace be upon you) and if I do, I can be imprisoned for three years. I can’t call my mosque a mosque or do anything that other Muslims do. Why? Because my community teaches me “Love for All, Hatred for None” and extremists don’t want us to ‘love all’ but they want the people...

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No place for hate

As a proud Australian and member of Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth from Blacktown, NSW, I’m relieved to find out that a Pakistani religious scholar has been shown the door to leave Australia. Australia is not a place to spread hate in the name of free speech. I understand that it is difficult to check all statements of religious scholars from past years but all Muslims must report any hate preachers to the authorities. It is all of our responsibility to keep Australia safe and protect all Australians. Aqeel Ibraheem, Blacktown Link:...

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Australia’s Pauline Hanson is creating fear in the general public

When ignorance is mixed with confidence, it can be very dangerous. Pauline Hanson is creating fear in the general public to create division within society for her hidden agenda. The same rule is being applied by terrorists who teach young Muslims that they don’t belong in Western countries. The Australian public is smart enough to understand that if Asians have become loyal Australians since Hanson’s first anti-immigration speech in 1996, then Muslims will too. Our unity is our biggest strength because hate cannot wipe out hate — only love and education can do that. Aqeel Ibraheem, Blacktown, NSW Link:...

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