Feminist religion?

I WONDER why Islam cannot be called a feminist religion even though it gives equal rights and freedom to the women.

Is there any other religion in the world which declares that the paradise lies at the feet of your mother? Moreover, good treatment of daughters would save parents from the burning fire of hell.
Islam gave women right to own, keep and manage their own property, the right to ask and get a divorce in case of ill-treatment or abandonment from the husband, the right to remarry, the right to obtain an education.

Islam mandated that the maintenance of the wife and children is the responsibility of the husband.
The last advice of Prophet Muhammad to his followers was, “Be good to women”.
The issue of child brides, female genital mutilation, veil, wife beating and oppression of women in Muslim countries is a mere result of betrayed, authoritative and misogynist custodians of Islam called “Imams”.

Unfortunately, they have the means and authority to mold the teaching to advance their misogynist agenda among illiterate and obedient followers with little or no ability to raise their concerns.
Usman Mahmood
Sandalwood Drive,
South Bowenfels, NSW

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