I am disappointed to hear remarks made at Q-Society’s fund raiser dinners in Sydney and Melbourne. Our world is passing through a very turbulent times. It is important for all of us to play our positive role and shun all those actions and statements which can cause unrest and hatred to spread in our peaceful society. We should work to unite people on common grounds rather divide them for our political causes.

Freedom of speech is a noble value if exercised within the framework of decency, honesty and respect. When speech is driven by insults it reinforces stereotypes and prejudices, which is clearly something we neither want nor can afford to have in our pluralistic society. Every person has a right to an opinion, however a person does not have the right to claim that he understands better about another person’s beliefs. Insulting others can never be productive nor can it maintain peace in our society.

Usman Mahmood

South Bowenfels

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