My letter most likely won’t get published because I am speaking the truth but I won’t give up writing. I just want my small voice to be heard; even it is just you or somebody else reading this.

As an Australian Muslim, I am truly sorry for what happened in London and I pray for the victims because my religion teaches me to sympathies with others in times of crisis. My religion also teaches me to uphold justice when dealing with an enemy. Senator Pauline Hanson may not agree with me but she cannot see what lies in my heart. I don’t blame her because she does not know my religion very well. If it was true that the perpetrator had committed murder in the name of my religion, I dare to say that he was not a true Muslim. A true Muslim is a peace-maker, not a hate preacher or a murderer. Terrorist individuals and organisations have no religion. Time and time again, we can prove these beastly people are not religious. They don’t love God nor do they love His creation. I will not give up preaching the true teachings of Islam which are of love and peace, values which will ultimately win the hearts of even the most hardened criminals.

Soofi Aziz