Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Australia held its 4th National Masroor T20 Cricket tournament on 31st Dec 2016 and 1st January 2017. A total of four teams participated consisting of 53 players from across Australia.

Team Name Captain Name
Sydney Blue Brother Hamed Ahmad
Brisbane Brother Shehzad Bloch
Victoria Brother Fakhar Rana
Sydney Green Brother Ishtiaq Ahmed


4th National Masroor Cricket tournament started its proceedings with a silent prayer and a short keynote address by Sadr Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Australia (President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Australia, Respected Waqas Ahmad Sahib) followed by the first match between Sydney Blue and Brisbane team in Joe McAleer Park cricket ground in Glendenning NSW. The second match was played at the same time in Dukes Oval Park Cricket Ground in Emu Plains NSW between Victoria and Sydney Green team.

It was a great blessing from God-the-All-Mighty that despite being in hot summer season, the weather stayed mostly cloudy during the matches, making it convenient for all players and supporters. Light refreshments and water were arranged to cater players and spectators.

There were two pools, Sydney Blues and Brisbane were in the first pool, and Sydney Green and Victoria were in a second pool. Both pools performed to their best, and each match lasted between 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. Two teams passing through to the final were Sydney Blue and Sydney Green.

The Final day of the 4th National Masroor Cricket Tournament started in a new year with Tahajad and Fajar prayers followed by warmup, planning, and preparations of both teams to win the final. Players and supporters arrived in grounds by 8 am. All the proceedings of the match were constantly updated on Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Australia official Twitter account @MkaAUS with hashtags #NMCTA and #Brotherhood. The final concluding moments of the match were sensational when the following was tweeted.

After a fierce competition between Sydney Blue and Sydney Green, it was eventually Sydney Green who won the match. A concluding ceremony was held that was live broadcasted on @MkaAUS Twitter Periscope. Sadr Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Australia chaired the prize distribution ceremony. The medals and trophies were presented to individuals, winner, and runner-up a team by Respected Sadr Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Australia and Imam Kamran Mubashir Tahir Sahib.

Some outstanding performers of the 4th National Masroor Cricket Tournament were:

 Man of the Series – Najeeb Ahmad Sahib

Man of the Match – Adeel Hafeez Sahib

Best Batsman – Zulfiqar Butt Sahib

Best Bowler – Aneesur Rehman Sahib

Best Fielder – Asher Mahmood Sahib


Following the concluding ceremony, Namaz Zuhr was offered in Masjid Baitul Huda and lunch was served to all participants.


Initial preparations started with the approval by Respected Sadr Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya for the 4th National Masroor Cricket Tournament to be held in December after the Jalsa Salana Australia. As part of preparations, all Regional Qaideen were informed to prepare and register their teams for the event. An organizing committee was formed with the following member as a part of the committee.

  1. Brother Anees ur Rehman (Muhtamim Sehat Jismani)
  2. Brother Usman Butt (Naib Muhtamim Sehat Jismani)
  3. Brother Waseem Ahmed (Nazim Transport)
  4. Brother Rizwan Habib (Nazim Food)

The organising committee arranged two meetings to plan for arrangements including grounds, accommodation, transport and food for the players. All the shortcomings from previous cricket tournaments were also discussed in meetings to better facilitate the players and supporters. It was decided to externally source and hire game empires for the purpose of ensuring neutrality in decisions.

Overall with the grace of God-the-All-Mighty, this cricket tournament has been a great success and fulfilled all of its objectives to not only encourage Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth towards physical fitness and sports but also to bring them discipline, harmony and Brotherhood by being one to play together.