Dear Editor,

The world is facing many uncertainties and people continue to live in fear of Islam. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community works hard to promote peace by organizing interfaith dialogues, peace symposiums and annual conventions throughout the year. One such example is the 32nd Annual Convention held over 3 days at Baitul Huda mosque in western Sydney. Since Wednesday, thousands of Ahmadi Muslims have gathered to listen to speeches on how to raise the standards of worship of God and how to treat fellow humankind with respect. This unique event attracted hundreds of non-Muslim guests, including the Mayor of Blacktown City, from diverse backgrounds where they had the opportunity to learn about Islam’s peaceful teachings.

Our motto is ‘Love For All Hatred For None.’ We will continue to hold such peaceful gatherings in the new year. All peace-loving Australians are welcome.

Kind regards,

Soofi Aziz