IT is not surprising to know that half of the Australian population would like to ban Muslim migration. We live in a world today that is very much influenced by media coverage. We base our opinions on what we are shown. The media is constantly putting Islam down, and instead of showing the good things of this faith, the media only shows the bad: the terror, the horror.

It is unfortunate that radical Muslims and terrorists get more coverage in the media than those hundreds of millions of Muslim men and women who serve humanity as doctors, scientists, charity workers, social workers, human right activists or lawyers.

Images, texts, headlines and news can just as easily present a false notion as they can present facts. There are so many things that people do not know about, and so many negative and incorrect assumptions are made about Muslims. It is our job to clear up the misconceptions and false accusations against Islam. I urge Muslims to get out of their comfort zone and demystify our peaceful religion and beliefs.

Usman Mahmood, South Bowenfels