As a Muslim, I am saddened to hear that Ms Sonia Kruger, a well-respected television host, has called for a ban on Muslim immigration. She made her ill-informed opinion after reading Andrew Bolt’s commentary linking immigration policies to terrorism. I am surprised that Ms Kruger chose to blindly accept Mr Bolt’s comments that were biased and false. I would like to point out to Ms Kruger that banning Muslims from entering a country is not the solution to end extremism. Banning Islamic practices is not the solution either. I belong to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, a sect that is persecuted by extremists in Pakistan and few other countries. Thousands of Ahmadi Muslims seek asylum in Australia because of its religious freedom and rule of law. Ahmadi Muslims have been fighting extremism for over a hundred years through peaceful dialogue, outreach programs and various interfaith events. Many broad-minded people have visited our mosques. We invite Ms Kruger and Mr Bolt to our mosque and see our programs for themselves. We look forward to working with you to end violence and injustice of all types.

Soofi Aziz, Clyde VIC